Get Ready for Winter with Snow Tire Service

The fall is here, and our leaves are falling, and once we have them all cleaned up, we'll probably start seeing snow. For those of use in Austintown, Boardman, Warren and Youngstown, OH getting a head start on being ready is always a good idea and with the help of our service center at Jim Shorkey Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, you can start that process, which includes buying and installing winter tires on your vehicle!

Why should you use winter tires? For one, they provide you with a different type of tread and give you standout traction when riding on snow or ice so that you are less likely to get stuck or slide when driving at safe speeds. They also help preserve your current tires so they last longer and aren't getting the rough and harsh weather conditions that we see during the winter months. You're going to have an added sense of security and we're here to provide it as we can install snow tires for people who already have a set and need them put on. We're also here to help you pick the right set of treads as you can find them by wheel size and diameter.

When you buy snow tires and have them installed with us, you're getting quality care and a team with all the latest tools and technology at our disposal. We can also help you with other winter-ready services like heating checks, fluid checks, oil changes and much more so you're ready for the snow when it gets here! Contact us to learn more and we'd be happy to provide added insight and arrange an appointment for you today.

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